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Making a good promotional video on a tight budget for a small business

With the crisis you are trying to reduce the expenses related to your activity especially when you’re a small business owner. But at the same time you could also take advantage of the situation: it’s a good time to get ahead of your competitors by making a video.

If you don’t really have a budget to make a promotional video about your activity (to put online on your website, Youtube etc…), follow these tips:

1. If you make the video by yourself


you don’t have a pro or semi-pro camcorder? Instead, get a compact camera with a function that allows you to film. Today’s digital technology allows you to film with a small camera for less than 200€.

positive point: economical, easy, HD quality (but it depends on the brand and model)

negative point: limited functions (more sophisticated with a top-of-the-range model), “flat” image, mediocre sound (even very bad). For the sound, the solution: record your voice separately by positioning the camera close to you.
Complicated assembly. Most cameras use the compressed HD format (AVCHD) which is difficult to edit unless you have a recent editing software and a powerful enough computer.

A compact camera with a function that allows you to film


Content and script

No need to write a complicated script for your promotional video. Choose an interview style instead. You or your assistant speak in front of the camera with 3-4 questions. That’s enough for a final result of 3 minutes maximum.

For example you sell costume jewellery: Film your products with a tripod. When editing, add some music and comments or text to accompany the images.


Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo are the most popular free sharing sites. Take advantage of them! Don’t forget to add 2 -3 lines of explanation with your video on your Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo page.


Unless you are good at video editing, avoid using the slideshow (continuous series of photos). If it’s badly done (fancy transitions, rhythm that doesn’t match the music… ), it looks amateurish!
For many people, editing is the most complicated step to get a quality rendering.
If you’re on a PC, buy an easy editing software like Sony Vegas Movie Studio…(not too expensive, about 50€ ). I don’t recommend the software integrated to the PC, for example Movie Maker, unless you want to make a home video.

2. Ask a pro or a production company

It may be the least interesting choice for you, especially in a crisis situation!
But you can gain an advantage over your competitors.
A professional video commercial makes your website more dynamic and more meaningful…and therefore more professional!

If you contact a professional or a video production company, negotiate with them.
They should find a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

A promotional or corporate video can be made by a pro even on a tight budget:

1.Style of the video Interview

The video is made with questions and answers already prepared. For a price of about 800€, the service includes a shooting of 1-2 hours, a professional editing, for a final video of 2-3 minutes, which can be integrated on your site or sharing sites.

Examples of the use of maintenance videos:

  • Advantages of a product or service
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Company presentation to a dedicated target or to the general public
  • Show a product or service
  • Presenting a work team…

Video interview is made with prepared questions/answers

2.Style of the video report

Reporting is a little more complicated to do. Shooting can take from half a day to several days, and often a script is required. As a result, the cost is higher than that of a video interview (at least double).

Examples of the use of video reportage:

  • Presentation of the functioning of a product or service
  • Show product manufacturing
  • Launch of new service
  • Product or service simulation
  • Product range presentation…

Often a script is needed for the video report.

A well-made video gives a positive impact to your product campaign or company. If you have a video project to increase the visibility of your company or your evaluate your needs and means.

You have a camera, a camera that can film in HD, you have time and knowledge in video editing? Go for it!

You want a finished product with a professional look and feel that can be integrated into your site or distributed on sharing sites? Contact a production company!

The Importance of Marketing in the Telecommunications and Internet Sector

Today, digital marketing is no longer a luxury but a necessity for telecommunications companies. It is the key to improving brand awareness, strengthening customer relationships, and developing healthy business growth. To achieve these marketing objectives, companies use various forms of communication that play to their reputation and, consequently, their sales. Here are a few examples of these communication plans that help build a successful digital marketing strategy.

1. organic search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of web marketing techniques used to improve the position of a website in search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo …). The objective is to increase traffic, and to ensure the e-reputation of the company. Among the techniques used in SEO, we cite as an example :

On the website

  • High-potential keywords related to his domain –
  • The Title tag and the Meta description.- tag.
  • Relevant, optimized and regular content.-

Around the website

  • Communication on social networks
  • Quality external links.
  • Analysis tools to monitor website performance

In general, natural referencing allows companies to obtain stable traffic based on content publications. Nevertheless, this optimization action is not a definitive action. Because the different SEO techniques require regular monitoring of the site’s positioning on keywords. So to succeed in their marketing strategy and ensure the monitoring of all SEO projects, telecommunications operators often call on professionals in the sector. Among the best known, we mention the Mozalami site dedicated to SEO and internet marketing services. It is a must to improve content marketing and improve the company’s website on Google.

2. paid listing (PPC)

Paid referencing helps telecommunications companies and industry professionals increase their visibility on the Internet, generate targeted traffic, and make sales. Its principle consists in renting advertising areas on search pages, to make the website visible in the first results of a search engine. The company must devote a sufficient budget for this purpose, and must put in place an effective SEO strategy to ensure the smooth operation of this system.

3. social media marketing

It is a marketing technique that can be used on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, etc.). It is a must today, especially for small and medium-sized telecommunications companies. The latter take advantage of this tool to showcase their products and services, seduce potential customers, create a connection with fans, and meet the needs and expectations of Internet users. Thanks to real communication strategies, some Canadian ISPs like Bravo Telecom my client have become examples of media marketing today.

You will now understand that, in order not to waste company resources and to build a strong and recognizable brand image on the Internet, operators must take the time to build an effective marketing strategy. If need be, companies can call upon professionals in the sector to take better advantage of the communication tools available on the market.